Monday, March 18

Hopefully you all had a great weekend and have fully recovered from the St. Patrick's Day revelry. I won't name any names, but I saw at least one of our members fully enjoying the festivities. After two weeks of the Open we've seen some pretty awesome performances. Stacie is currently in 6th place in the region and 107th in the world! All of you have impressed us with your numbers and I can't wait to see the next few workouts.

I redid 13.2 today because I wasn't happy with my score and I wanted to test some strategy and I think I proved that step ups are much faster than box jumps unless you are really good at them. I did nothing but step ups today and got almost 40 more reps than on Friday. Step ups allowed me to keep moving at a fast pace, but when I jumped on Friday I continuously slowed down. I wish we had known this going in, but I guess you live and learn and get better for next time.

If you missed the first mobility class on Saturday, I highly recommend it. It was a great way to cool down after the workout and I got some much need help with tight muscles. Thanks Stacie!

Workout for Monday, March 18 Back Squat 10 @ Bar 7 @ 50% 6 @ 60% 5 @ 65% 2x5 @ 70%

WOD 12 Minute AMRAP 10 Wall Ball 10 Hand Release Pushup 20 Double Under