Tuesday, March 19

I mentioned a gathering of paleo people a while ago and the day is this Saturday. If you are interested in meeting a bunch of other paleo eaters in Grand Rapids and learning more about the paleo diet then check out this group. If you'd like to go on Saturday, please join the group and RSVP by Wednesday or talk to me. This is a potluck, so there will be paleo pizza and other snacks. If you want to come you should bring a paleo treat as well. Also, Robert is lifting in the Spartan Open in Lansing during the day on Saturday, so if you want to go watch let me (Brian) know. I think I am going to head over right after the Saturday morning class. The meet starts at noon so Robert probably won't lift until 1 or later.

Workout for Tuesday, March 19 Power Clean Work up to 75%

EMOTM for 7 Minutes 7 Power Cleans at 65%

Sprints 10x60m