Thursday, March 21

Well, they announced 13.3 and it's a redo of a workout from last year's open. Luckily, we did this WOD a few weeks ago, so you should all be familiar with it and be able to stratagize a little. Tom took it on first thing after the announcement tonight and had a good strategy of breaking his wall balls into small sets with short rest in between. I recommend this for everyone that can't rep out a ton of wall balls. It'll keep you fresh longer as long as you don't rest too long between sets. Your judge will have to help you manage your rest. If you didn't see the announcement go here. We've got another day to plan our attack so start thinking about how you are going to approach this workout now. Workout for Thursday, March 21 4 Rounds 30 sec Hollow Hold 30 sec Planks 30 sec Superman hold 30 sec Rest

10,9,8...3,2,1 Overhead Squat (95/65) Pullup