Friday, March 22

I've been playing around with the numbers on this WOD all day and I have come up with my ideal number of wall balls per set to finish them and have some time for double unders and hopefully a few muscle ups. Before you get to the gym, take some time to think about how many wall balls you can do in a set time and then multiply that out. Let's say you can do sets of 10 wall balls unbroken every 30 seconds. That means you'd finish the wall balls in 7.5 minutes. That's a fast pace, but if you do the wall balls in 20 seconds and rest for 10 you might be able to keep that up. I am thinking a 6 wall ball in 20 second pace might be good. That will take 8 min. and 20 sec., which would be PR for me for 150 wall balls. Even if I come off that pace, I should have plenty of time to do the double unders and a few muscle ups. Don't go out too hard in this workout. I have done it twice in sets of 10 and 15 and I definitely recommend the smaller sets unless you are awesome at wall balls. If you're short like me, wall balls are harder and slower because the ball has to travel further on its own so don't try anything crazy. Think about what you can do and do the math to set a pace for yourself, then STICK TO THE PACE! Here's some more prep videos for you

WOD Demo

Workout for Friday, March 22 Open WOD 13.3 12 minute AMRAP of: 150 Wall balls 90 Double-unders 30 Muscle-ups