Tuesday, March 26

Some of you spent some time after class tonight working on muscle ups and you are very close. Just a little bit more strength and technique and you will get it. Congrats to Josh on getting his first muscle up tonight. He made it look way too easy! Anyway, for those of you still trying to figure them out, the kip can help. Here's a good video on how to get the hips involved in the muscle up to help propel you above the rings. This is basically what Cori was telling you, but you never know what might make it click. There's a pretty cool drill in there we can try next time too. Hope this helps. And I love to see you all sticking around working on things. That's how you get better!

Workout for Tuesday, March 26 Push Press 10 @ Bar 5 @ 50% 5 @ 60% 4 @ 70% 2x3 @ 75%

WOD 3 Rounds for time 15 Thrusters (95/65) 15 Toes to Bar 30 Double Under