Monday, April 1

One more week to go in the Open. So far you all have impressed me quite a bit. I really liked seeing you all tackle the 135/95 clean and jerks last week. I think there were a lot of you that wouldn't have tried that if not for the open and you ended up doing really well. That's the best part about competition - it brings out the best in you. Nice job everyone. My guess is that we're going to see thrusters and pullups on Friday (maybe overhead squats) so we're going to do a little interval practice today for that. Workout for Monday, April 1 Back Squat 10 @ Bar 8 @ 40 % 5 @ 60 % 5 @ 70% 2x3 @ 75%

WOD 5 Rounds In one minute do 7 Thrusters (95/65) 7 Chest to Bar Pullups Max Double Unders Rest one minute