Monday, April 22

It looks like the gym is going to stay dry so we will be open on Monday. Please be careful as you are out and about as there is a lot of standing water on roads everywhere. Turner Ave. north of the gym is still closed and there is some water on the off ramp if you are coming from the north on 131. When you do come in tomorrow and the next few days, please bear with us as we put everything back together. We had to get everything off the floor so things may be a little scattered, but we'll get it back to normal as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. We will be closed on Saturday this week for the inaugural West Michigan CrossFit and Weightlifting Open! Hopefully you can all make it there to watch if you're not volunteering or competing. We do have a few men and women competing so come show your support for 616 on Saturday and Sunday.

Workout for Monday, April 22 Back Squat 10 @ 50% 8 @ 65% 6 @ 70% 6 @ 80% 6 @ 85%

WOD 7 Rounds 5 Strict Pullups 10 Power Cleans (115/75)