Wednesday, April 24

I heard someone ask what the secret to double unders was tonight and my response was a lot of practice. There really is no secret that is going to make it happen, but there are some helpful tips and cues that may make it click for you. Everyone responds to different cues, and that's one reason we throw so many at you. There's no point in us just repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result from you. You may not get it from the first 10 things we say, but eventually we will find something that registers with you. That's why I post a lot of videos too. You never know what someone might say to help you get it. So here's a video on double unders. I may have posted it before, but there's plenty of new people that haven't seen it. Hope it helps!

Workout for Wednesday, April 24 Front Squat 5 @ 50% 5 @ 60% 5 @ 70% 5 @ 75% 5 @ 80%

5 Rounds 15 Deadlift (155/105) 8 Strict Ring Dips