Friday, May 10

The workout for Friday is going to take some time, so we'll do a good warm up and get right into it. If there's extra time after the WOD use it to work on something you need to practice. Think about what that might be before you get to the gym so you can get in some good practice. I saw this slow-motion video today of babies tasting foods for the first time. A lot of times the hardest part about switching to a healthy diet is acquiring a taste for new foods. I heard it takes 10 to 100 tastes of a food before you might begin to like it. Hopefully this inspires you to try something new. And hopefully you like it better than these kids.

Workout for Friday, May 10 WOD In 2 Min Do 15 Thrusters (115/85) Max Strict Pullups Rest 2 Min Then In 2 Min Do 15 Overhead Squats (115/85) Max Wall Walks Rest 2 Min Repeat all of the above 2 times