Wednesday, May 15

I have some Memorial Day Murph fliers at the gym now for you to take. The flier explains the charity we are working for and gives details on the day. We will open at 9 am and run the first round of Murph at 9:30. We will start a second round of Murph at 10:30 am. Please try to make this event. The money is going to a great cause and sacrificing part of your day and putting all you have into the workout are nothing compared to what Lt. Murphy and all veterans have done for us. If you don't know about Lt. Murphy please watch the video below. CrossFit hero WODs are done to pay tribute to those who have died protecting us and the workout Murph one of the more popular hero WODs. We are asking for a small donation to do the workout with us, but we really want you to go out and tell people what you are doing and get pledges. I think we can raise a lot of money for a great cause so tell everyone you know. Also, this is a great time to bring a friend. We will do scaled versions of the workout for anyone that needs it. After the workout we will have food and drink available. See you on Memorial Day!

Workout for Wednesday May 15 Front Squat 5 @ 65% 4 @ 75% 2x4 @ 80%

WOD 5 Rounds for time Run 400 14 Burpees 7 Strict Toes to Bar