Tuesday, May 21

You may notice that the strength work percentages are lower this week. That's because we are deloading so we can max out next week. Don't worry if it seems a little light, we want you to be fresh going into the testing phase. If you are in the weightlifting class, you are on a different squat cycle and just tested a couple of weeks ago, so you shouldn't test again next week, just continue on the weightlifting class squat schedule. For those of you not in the weightlifting class, don't do anything crazy leading up to the testing. Since Monday is a holiday, we will start Tuesday, but it won't be the back squat after doing Murph on Monday, don't worry. Workout for Tuesday, May 21 Deadlift 5 @ 50% 4 @ 60% 4 @ 65% 3 @ 70% 3 @ 75%

WOD 15 Minute AMRAP 5 Strict Pullups 10 Hand Release Pushups 15 Wall Ball