Tuesday, May 28

What an awesome day on Monday! Thank you all for coming out and doing Murph. With the matching funds, we raised around $1,300 for the LZ Michigan Scholarship Endowment! The efforts we saw from all of you were simply amazing. I know a lot of you were nervous coming in to it, but hopefully you found something out about yourself. I can tell you that the coaches saw what you are capable of and truly appreciated the effort you put forth. Thanks again to all of you. We really love the CrossFit 616 family and you all mean a great deal to us! We're going to take it a little easy on Tuesday and then get into testing for the next couple of weeks. Get ready for some fun!

Workout for Tuesday, May 28 100 Hollow Rocks 100 Superman Break up as needed

WOD 21-15-9 Kettle Bell Swings Box Jumps (30"/24")