Thursday, May 30

Check out this article on chronic cardio and it's health effects. The article, from the Wall Street Journal, points out that extreme endurance training may lead to negative health effects. This is by no means conclusive and there are other studies that seem to prove the opposite, but many think the warning signs are there. We're also not talking about running a few miles a week. According to the article, the benefits of running may cease around 30 miles a week. Read the article and decide what you think. Here's a brief excerpt:

Endurance athletes have long enjoyed a made-of-iron image. But amid mounting evidence that extraordinary doses of exercise may diminish the benefits of modest amounts, that image is being smudged. That extra six years of longevity running has been shown to confer? That benefit may disappear beyond 30 miles of running a week, suggest recent research.

And, since I posted the wrong video last night, here's the men's event 6 from NorCal.

Workout for Thursday, May 30 Back Squat 5x5 @ 70%

WOD 3 Rounds 5 Power Clean (@ 70% of max power clean) 5 Shoulder to Overhead 5 Front Squats Run 400 Use the same weight for all movements