Tuesday, June 4

We're testing our 1 RM press today and our 1 RM push press. You are going to work up to you max in the press and when you can't go any higher, you will switch to the push press and continue on. This may not give us the most honest push press number, but it'll get us in the ballpark and get two things tested in one day. Now, for those of you with trouble getting in a good overhead position, make sure you mobilize before going for a max-effort lift. Poor positioning will definitely limit how much weight you can move so some pre-lifting mobilizing is key. Don't take this stuff for granted. When you watch the best lifters in the world ask yourself how may are in poor positions. There's other reasons the best are the best besides being strong. Here's a good mob to get you started:

Workout for Tuesday, June 4 Find 1 RM Press/Push Press

WOD 5 Rounds Run 200 10 Strict Pullups 10 Hand Release Pushups