Wednesday, June 5

On Saturday, June 29 we are going to host our own little in-house regionals for you. Lots of you said you wanted to try some of the Regional workouts and we think it would be fun to make it into a fun day of competition with no real pressure. This will be for 616 members only and will be done in teams. We will get a sign up going at the gym and make teams based on experience so we can scale workouts for the entire team and not make things too complicated. And yes, I did say scale! We don't expect you to perform the workouts exactly as written on the Games site, but we are going to get as close as possible. Team size will depend on how many people sign up and we will let you know more details as we get closer. This is definitely a no-pressure event and is supposed to be a fun way for many of you to get some CrossFit competition experience. Mark the day down now - JUNE 29 - CrossFit 616 In-House Regionals! See you there!

Go to this page and click on the team tab to see the Regional workouts.

Here's a sample of what's to come! (Watch this, but no freaking out, Black Leopard!)

Workout for Wedensday, June 5 1 RM Front Squat

WOD 21-15-9 Power Cleans (185/125) Situps