Thursday, June 13

Although the official return of kipping was on Monday, we are going to start practicing it again today. For those of you that are new with us, you may not have gone through much kipping instruction at all besides your foundations classes. We will start with the basics and get everyone up to speed. I feel like a lot of you have built up quite a bit of strength in the last couple of months doing strict pullups. For those of you that don't have strict pullups yet, we will still work on the strength portion. There is no reason to start trying to kip when you don't have five or more strict pullups. You need a certain level of back and shoulder strength to support the shoulder during the kipping swing. The kipping pullup is not a magic bullet. It is a useful tool to generate more power during a workout and get more work done quickly, but it by no means a substitute for a solid strict pullup.

The videos below show a good kipping progression. Please be aware that there are multiple ways of teaching the kip. We prefer the gymnastics style kip with less motion in the extremities, but if you are looking for videos you may see other methods out there that work.

Workout for Thursday, June 13 Max Kipping Pullups Kipping Pullup Practice Kipping Handstand Pushup Practice

WOD 5 Rounds 15 Hand Release Pushups Sprint 100 m Rest 2 min