Monday, June 17

Now that we have tested most of the big lifts, we are going to start a linear progression for our strength work. This means that we won't be working off percentages as much once we get into it. We are going to start around 65-70% for everything and then make 5-10 pound jumps each week. So many of us are still relatively new to lifting and haven't come close to a plateau yet and a linear progression strength cycle will build confidence under the bar. Each week you will make a small jump and do five sets of five across. Meaning the weight won't change for your five sets. Don't make big jumps! This means you need to record what you do every day too, so get a notebook and write this stuff down. Write down how you felt too so you better gauge your sets for the following weeks. If you haven't signed up for our in-house competition please do so by next Monday. This will give us time to make teams and tweak the workouts. The competition is not intended to determine who is the best at anything. It is going to be a fun day doing some team workouts and getting to know each other better. There is absolutely no pressure to do anything you aren't ready for and we will scale everything accordingly. This event is for everyone, not just our more experienced members!

I promised to post this video last week when it came out and it's finally here. This is the final event from the Central East Regional. So much was on the line for the guys fighting for a spot for the games and they got after it. However, what's not shown in this video is how all of the guys in the previous heats finished this workout, which hadn't been done anywhere else. I wish you could hear how loud the crowd got as the last place guys finished. People actually cheer more for those finishing last and giving everything they have than those that win. This article explains it better than I can.

Workout for Monday, June 17 Front Squat 5x5 @ 65%

WOD "Diane" 21-15-9 Deadlift (225/155) Handstand Pushup