Tuesday, June 25

Some of you took care of everything at the gym today, but for those of you that didn't, we are switching to a new payment/membership management system. This is going to make everyone's life a little easier and we will be able to keep track of you all much better. Now we can really keep tabs on you! If you didn't get your account set up today, please see us before July 1 to get one set up. We are doing Fran today, this will be the first time for many and a chance to PR for some. Either way, use this as a test of where you are right now. Fran is thought of as the ultimate benchmark for CrossFit and sometimes we get intimdated by these workouts. Just approach it like you would any other WOD and use it for exactly what it is, a data point on your fitness journey.

Now watch a bunch of really fit girls do Fran really fast:

Workout for Tuesday, June 25 Power Clean 5x3 @ 70%

WOD Fran 21-15-9 Thrusters (95/65) Pullups