Thursday, June 27

We are working on pullup strength tomorrow and I want you to focus on the weak part of your pull. If you have trouble at the bottom of the pullup focus on that range as you work negatives or on the rings. One reason you get stuck in a band and never make it to a full pullup is because the band helps a lot more at the bottom than the top, so you are training the pull unevenly. I do like bands on certain occasions, but make sure you switch it up through your training. If you are doing negatives, try to get as high as you can before descending. Start at a chest to bar position if you can so you can train that full range of motion and get to chest-to-bar pullups soon after the regular chin-over-bar. Workout for Thursday, June 27 Strict Pullup 5 sets

WOD 5 Rounds Run 200m 10 Toes to Bar 5 Wall Walks