Friday, June 28

Remember, our team fun day/competition is tomorrow (Saturday) and it starts at 9 am! There are a few of you that are up in the air about attending so we may have to do some team arranging first thing, but we will get to the workouts as soon as possible. We are going to try to have it all done by noon. If you didn't sign up but still want to come, call, email or tell us on Facebook and we will make it work. This is going to be fun! Don't stress over it, just bring some snacks and whatever else you want to recover between workouts. Sad news for the CrossFit Games - looks like Iceland Annie is not going to compete this year. She is dealing with a back injury and she is making the smart choice to sit this year out and get healthy so she can continue to compete in the future. Like she says in the video "There's a difference between competing hurt and competing injured." Make sure you know the difference.

Workout for Friday, June 28 Push Press 5x5 +5 lbs.

Intervals 4 Rounds 40 sec. on, 20 sec. rest Wall Ball KB Swings Hollow Rocks

You will rotate through these movements four times. You have 20 seconds to transition from station to station.