Tuesday, July 2

The article A 157LB DISSECTION has been making the rounds online the past few days and I think it's a valuable read for you all. I can certainly relate to the part about being a coach and hearing what everyone thinks of what we are doing, but I can also relate to striving for a certain body type and letting that get in my way at times. How do you judge yourself? Here's my favorite part

I am intentionally subjecting myself to judgment, your judgment, in writing and publishing this article. Whether you say it out loud or not, you’ll probably have an opinion about it and about me. Regardless of what you think, the take home point is this: age, weight, arm circumference, lift efforts, and WoD times are measurements – nothing more. The value assigned to those measurements by you, and those around you are the points to consider. Do you think more about the weight on the scale than the weight on your bar? Do you negate your current performance because you’re not at your goal yet? Do you listen to other people tell you how to eat, when you are a picture of health and they’re on the path to type 2 diabetes? The way you look should be a by-product of what you can do. More focus on the work, less focus on the noise. More expectations of yourself for greatness.

Let me know what you think.

Workout for Tuesday, July 2 Push Press 5x5 +5 lbs.

WOD "Cindy" 20 Min AMRAP 5 Pullups 10 Pushups 15 Squats