Thursday, July 11

We've had quite a few new people join us in the last few months and it is fascinating to watch the progression of everyone individually and as a group. When new people come in and struggle with certain movements it may seem like it will never happen, but if you look to your left or right you will see someone who was in your shoes not that long ago. Very few people walk into the gym able to do pullups, muscle ups or handstand pushups. Of course, when you see people making these things look easy it can be discouraging, but it should be just the opposite. It should encourage you because there is visible evidence that hard work and dedication will get you to that same point. You now know that someone who wasn't able to do a single pullup when they started can now do 50 or 100 pullups in a workout. You can see the person that crashed on his head the first time he tried a handstand now do multiple reps before taking a break. If seeing your fellow gym members do amazing things discourages you, you are approaching this all wrong. Take it from me (since I have seen you all from the beginning) and know that the person who has been with us for a year or a few months was once exactly where the new person is right now. It's almost funny how the person we were working with to squat properly a few weeks ago it now helping the person that just walked in the door. I'm not saying it will be easy, but it will happen if you put in the work. If you want that first pullup go get it. Hop on that pullup bar every day and do some negatives or try some pullups. If you want a handstand pushup, get upside down more often. And talk to your coaches and fellow members. Ask people how they got to where they are now. There are always tips to help you get there, but there aren't any secrets. These things take practice and time to develop so don't get down if you don't get it right away. Keep practicing and soon you will be the savvy veteran helping the new person that just walked in.

Workout for Thursday, July 11 Deadlift 4x3 @ 80%

WOD "Nasty Girls" 3 rounds for time 50 Air Squats 7 Muscle Ups 10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

Love this video. Super-fast air squats and strict muscle ups. This is an old-school CrossFit video that is still great.