Wednesday, July 17

Hey guys, a quick note about an adoption sale for 616 member Tom Kowalski. They are working on adopting and are having a sale to raise funds for this expensive but amazing journey. If you can make it there to help out or pass this info along it would be greatly appreciated.

Adoption Fundraising Sale July 18th, 19th & 20th at 237 Carrie St., Sparta being held for Tom & Kristin(Patterson)Kowalski to help them as they start their journey as becoming adoptive parents. Sale runs from 9AM - 5PM.

Now, click this link to Mobility WOD and watch the video on arching your back. We use this cue a lot to get you out of flexion in the spine and into a neutral position, but it can easily be misunderstood and taken too far. We should probably do a better job of explaining it and we will in the future, but this video shows you exactly what we are talking about. We want you to "arch" to keep from flexing when deadlifting, squatting, etc., but we don't want you over extending. That is just as bad as trunk flexion. Hope the video helps.

Workout for Wednesday, July 17 Back Squat 5x5 +5-10lbs

WOD 12 Minute AMRAP 10 Overhead Squat (115/85) 40 Double Unders