Wednesday, July 24

I sort of mentioned this concept today in the 5:30 pm class after reading this article today, but I think you all should read it and get the full picture. It's called Pain Doesn't Equal Productivity from CrossFitter and Juggernaut athlete Christina Sloyer. She makes the point that going overboard and pushing too hard (too much weight or too fast) can hurt more than it helps. We are always talking about intensity and going all out, but there's a reason we scale workouts. If you go heavy or too fast and sacrifice technique, you are only hurting yourself especially when it comes to progression. Practicing bad movement over and over in a workout isn't getting you anywhere. Sure, you came in first that day, but your next workouts will suffer because your movement isn't good enough to increase the weight or you beat yourself up so bad you can't train for a few days. It's not always about how fast or heavy you go. Read the article and think about how you treat your training. Here's video of the masters men age 50-54 taking on Nancy at the Games today. Pretty impressive performances from these guys.

Workout for Wednesday, July 24 Back Squat 5x5 +5-10 lbs.

WOD 10-1 Power Cleans (155/105) 1-10 Burpees