Thursday, July 25

In case you missed it the CrossFit Games are officially under way. There's a lot of archived footage of the masters events on CrossFit's Youtube page. The men's and women's open footage is all on ESPN3, and I think they will have everything under the replay tab there. Tomorrow's strength work is strict pullups. I want you to keep the rest right at two minutes between sets for these max effort attempts. The WOD includes barbell step ups, which may be new to you. Watch the video below for a demo. Keep your abs tight during these and alternate legs.

Workout for Thursday, July 25 Strict Pullups 4 sets max reps 2 min rest between sets

WOD 3 Rounds for time 200 m Run 14 Barbell Step Ups (65/45/24"/20") - alternate legs 14 Handstand Pushups