Monday, July 29

Starting a new squat cycle this week. We're going to go heavy on the volume for a few weeks so your legs may feel it. Make sure you are getting the rest and recovery you need to these workouts remain effective and you continue to progress. For most of you that are still young in your strength training, you'll benefit from almost any program, but you don't want to over do it. Your body is still adapting, so stick to the program as close as possible. Even if it seems easy at first, don't feel like you need to do more. Hopefully you were able to watch the CrossFit Games this weekend. If you didn't here's some highlights from the women's clean and jerk ladder. There should be more video available soon and it's worth watching. These people put on some amazing and inspiring performances. I know we aren't at that level, but I like seeing what consistent training and discipline can produce.

Workout for Monday, July 29 Back Squat 4x10 @ 60%

WOD Isabel 30 Snatches for time (135/95)