Tuesday, July 30

Nice job with Isabel on Monday. Many of you are still very new to the snatch and it is a very technical lift. We were talking a lot about getting the knees back as you come off the floor and staying over the bar all while keeping the weight in your heels. Not a lot to think about, right? Check out this picture from Hookgrip. You can really see how the knees go back, how his shoulders stay over the bar at the knee and how his heels stay down all the way to power position. Sometimes seeing these positions helps it click. Good job and keep practicing, you will get it!

Also, if you're not following Hookgrip on Facebook, you are missing out.

Workout for Tuesday, July 30 EMOTM for 15 min Deadlift 2 @ 60%

WOD Tabata Handstand Pushup Rest 1 min Tabata Pullups Rest 1 Min Tabta Pushups