Monday, August 5

Remember the new 4:30 pm class starts today and will be held every Monday-Friday. See you there! There are a few local competitions coming up and if you are interested we want to know. Some competitions are team based and some are individual. If you would like to compete in CrossFit please let us know so we can start working on weaknesses and put together teams. We will make a sign up at the gym for people that are interested. The 8th Day GR Games is a team competition for groups of three (men and women are separate teams in this event) and it is on Saturday, September 14. I know a few of you have expressed interest so let's get some teams together and have fun.

There are four people signed up to lift in the Iron Egg Weightlifting Meet on August 24. If you are interested in weightlifting or just want to watch, let us know so we can all go together and support our fellow members.

Workout for Monday, August 5 Back Squat 4x8 @ 65%

WOD Open WOD 13.2 10 Minute AMRAP 5 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75) 10 Deadlift (115/75) 15 Box Jump (24"/20")