Tuesday, August 6

Everyone's favorite workout is up today - Karen! 150 wall balls for time. I know this workout is going to intimidate some of you, but please approach it with a positive attitude. It is simply a test of where you are in your CrossFit journey right now. No skipping out tomorrow just because you don't like wall balls! If you are good at them enjoy the opportunity to get better at them. Think about it, the movements you don't like are the ones you aren't good at. So if you get the chance to do 150 reps of something, you're going to get better. And once you get good at wall balls you won't hate them! Pretty simple, right. This workout tomorrow will get you that much closer to being good at wall balls. Enjoy it! Tips for good wall balls: 1. Relax 2. Don't go slow on the way down on the squat - let gravity do the work but stay under control 3. If you can, relax the neck while squatting. You have to look up at the target but don't keep your neck strained the whole time. 4. Try to drop your arms down while the ball is in the air. Holding your arms over your head for 150 reps gets tiring. (this may require some practice) 5. Think about the size of your sets and make a strategy. Keep moving and keep the rest short! 6. Drive through the heels to save your quads. Use the glutes and hamstrings. 7. Keep the ball right under your chin. Don't let it get to low and keep your hands and elbows under the ball 8. Find the right distance away from the wall for you.

Workout for Tuesday, August 6 Strict Pullups 5 Sets Max Reps

WOD Karen 150 Wall Ball