Thursday, August 8

You are all invited to a CrossFit 616 outing at the Whitecaps game on Saturday, August 24! The game starts at 7 pm so that gives you plenty of time to check out the weightlifting meet in Lansing in the morning before enjoying the game. There is a sign-up board in the gym by the barbells so please sign up before August 22 so we can get tickets for everyone. We are taking care of the tickets so there's no reason not to go! Plus, it's about time we get to know each other without being in sweaty gym clothes. We can take care of tickets for members of 616, but you are welcome to bring a significant other, he or she will just have to cover the cost of the ticket. We'll make sure everyone sits together so put them on the list. Let is know if you have any questions. See you at the game! (or tomorrow).

Workout for Thursday, August 8 Strict Press Work up to a set of 5 at 75% (take at least 5 sets to get there)

EMOTM for 20 minutes Odd Min. 5 Push Press @ 65% Even Min. 10 KB Swings