Thursday, August 22

Watch this Mobility WOD video on power cleans and how your positions in different movements should look the same. Remember, most of the things we do build off each other so a bad movement pattern in a front squat will translate to a bad movement pattern in a clean. Don't practice bad habits over and over, they will come back to bite you. Here's how Kelly Starrett says it (and if you don't know who he is go to this site)

Today’s episode is a reminder that many of the movement we perform in training are really just versions of the same basic archetypal position. The goal of the athlete is to create a motor pattern that is transferable, universal, scaleable, and open ended. For example, we regularly observe athletes receive power cleans in positions that they could not front squat or full clean. This power clean is a sort of a work around, a patch for a motor program that should be able to scale into many different iterations. The problem lies in the fact that changing motor programing isn’t very efficient. Imagine writing slowly holding the pen one way, then changing how you hold the pen to write quickly. Yeah right, you wouldn’t.

We witness this multiple pattern failure happen all the time. And look, the old coaching cues are all about this, “Lift heavy weights like they are light, lift light weights like they are heavy.” It’s like a zen koan right? Can you imagine how inefficient it would be to develop a running pattern for running slow, then a completely different pattern for running fast? It would make no sense right? This is our problem with heel striking while running for example. It’s a multiple pattern violation. We see this happen all over the place in human movement.

Your goal? Develop a skill (pattern) that allows for maximal transference across movement tasks. It’s that easy.

Workout for Thursday, August 22 Strict Pullups 3 Sets Max Reps

WOD 4 Rounds for time 10 Power Clean (155/105) 15 Burpee 20 Wall Ball

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