Friday, August 30

Remember we only have one class at 10 am on Labor Day, which is this Monday. Also, Tommy has invited everyone to his place for a bonfire/cookout next Saturday, September 7. He put it up on the whiteboard in the gym so please sign up if you can come so we can buy enough food. We'll get more details out soon. If you don't know Tommy you are still invited (he's a pretty cool guy) and it will be a great chance for you all to meet new people. We are working some skill stuff today and doing some midline stability work. Taking a break from the heavy weights before the WOD, and giving you a little rest before the hero workout on Saturday.

Workout for Friday, August 30 10 min Handstand Walk Practice

3 Rounds 1 min Hollow Rocks 1 min Arch Rock 1 min L-Sit 1 min rest

WOD 10-1 Burpees Ring Dips Run 100 m between each round

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