Wednesday, September 4

You've already seen parts one and two of this if you've been reading along over the past couple weeks. Here's part three of The One Movement Pattern from Mobility WOD. This time they're talking about the burpee. Please take a look here. Even the slightest bad movement pattern in something as "simple" as a burpee can start messing you up in other movements. From Mobility WOD:

Today’s installment of our “One Pattern Series”, goes after one of my absolute favorite faults, the overhead shoulder position in the burpee. Look, you aren’t just a piece of meat. You can’t train like one. That ship has sailed. Heck even cyclists are thinking about their pedal power profile when they ride the wattbike/trainer. You can’t just tune out and do work. Sport, combat, and life doesn’t work like that. You have to train your ass off so that you can then be unconsciously, and automatically in good positions. That’s why it’s training.

Workout for Wednesday, September 4 Back Squat 5-4-4-3-3 @ 80%

Annie 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Situps (10 min time cap) Rest 2 Min 4x200m sprints 1 min rest between runs

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