Wednesday, September 11

So pretty much all of us could use some mobility work somewhere, but fixing it can be a daunting task if you don't know what to do. If you can get into a routine, you can start to make some headway. The video below from Joe DeFranco gives a good routine for squat prep, relieving back pain and just better movement in general. He refers to his Agile 8 routine and I used to follow that regularly and it definitely works. So adding in a few more exercises should make it a little better. Check out the video and try to start a routine for yourself. Being able to move correctly will immediately make you stronger and more comfortable.

Workout for Wednesday, September 11 Front Squat 1x4 @ 85% 2x2 @ 90% 1 @ 95%

WOD EMOTM for 12 min Odd min - 6 Power Snatch (135/95) Even min - 6 Overhead Squat (135/95)

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