Friday, September 13

We've got six people competing this Saturday, and it looks like there's some interest from more of you in getting into a CrossFit competition. The great thing is that there are competitions for every skill level so if you are interested let us know! Here's a link to a beginners competition in November. It's a team event specifically designed for beginners (people that still use bands on pullups and scale benchmark WODs). If you are interested let's put together a plan to get you ready for this thing. I know we have a couple of people on board already! So for those of you competing this weekend, those of you that might in the future and all of you that give it your best in the gym every day here's a little video inspiration!

Workout for Friday, September 13 Weighted Pullups 5x3

WOD 5 Rounds for time 7 Power Clean (185/125) Run 400m

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