Tuesday, September 17

The workout today consists of two technical and difficult movements. We don't expect these movements to be perfect but we are looking for a certain level of proficiency before throwing you into a workout like this. If you aren't comfortable with the full snatch or the muscle up we will break down the movements for you and give you a good workout without asking you to do something that you are not ready to do. Don't get frustrated if you aren't there yet. These things take a lot of practice and skill, which only develops with lots and lots of reps. However, we don't want those practice reps coming under the pressure of the clock. Your practice reps and skill development reps should be slow and methodical so there is less chance of mistakes and injury. Rushing through these things will not get you anywhere. I'm looking forward to getting some good technical work in and helping you guys reach the next level of your progression!

Workout for Tuesday, September 17 Snatch practice 15 minutes to work up to a heavy single

WOD Amanda 9-7-5 Snatches (135/95) Muscle Ups

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