Friday, October 4

We're going to do a little handstand walk practice tomorrow so take a look at the video below for some progressions. Obviously, holding yourself in a handstand comes before walking so don't try to go too fast through the progression, but if you are close to getting the walk down the tips below can help. Pay attention to the concept of global flexion and extension of the body. Being able to control your midline is a huge part of this and most other movements we do. You have to consciously focus on tightening everything down before you can hold yourself in a handstand.

Workout for Friday, October 4 10 Minutes Handstand Walk Practice

WOD 2 Rounds 3 Minute AMRAP 10 Wall Ball 10 Ring Dips Rest 1 Minute 3 Min AMRAP 10 Push Press (75/55) 10 Front Rack Lunge (75/55) Rest 1 Minute

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