Tuesday, October 8

We are testing our deadlift tomorrow and this can be a fun day, but you have to keep yourself in check a little bit. There's a tendency to keep pulling weight off the ground even though your back can no longer hold a stable position. This is not what we want to do. This is a test of how much you can deadlift with close to perfect form. Of course, when we get close to maximal efforts, things aren't going to be perfect, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. At some point you can't sacrifice your back just so you can get five more pounds off the ground. It's not worth it. So as we test, the coaches will make the call on whether you should keep going up. If a coach tells you that's enough, please respect that decision and know that we are stopping you because it's in your best interest. Live to try again another day, rather than spend 6 months out with a hurt back. Here's what we don't want to see:

Workout for Tuesday, October 8 Deadlift Find 1 Rep Max

WOD 10 Min AMRAP 10 Pullups 20 Hand Release Pushups 30 Double Unders

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