Thursday, October 17

I don't want this post to be taken the wrong way. I'm not telling you to go out and live an unhealthy life, but I am agreeing with most of this article about enjoying life. Pat Sherwood's CrossFit Journal article Live Like You’re Going to Die gets right to the point about enjoying life. Look, we want to be as healthy as possible, and we eat right and work hard in the gym for a reason. But what is that reason? My reason is so I can enjoy life to the fullest. And sometimes, enjoying life means eating pizza. And that's ok. I'm not going to eat pizza for every meal and I don't recommend that for anyone, but sometimes you have to let go and just live. Don't let working out and eating well be a stress in your life. These things are supposed to make you happy and relieve stress. If you are constantly worried that you missed one workout in the week or that you ate a piece of that birthday cake you aren't doing yourself any favors. This constant worrying is just as unhealthy as eating poorly all the time. So, in the words of Pat Sherwood - Live Like You’re Going to Die! Workout for Thursday, October 17 Floor Press 5x5 Strict Pullups 5x5 Superset

WOD 10-1 Hang Squat Clean (135/95) Hand Release Push ups

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