Friday, October 18

We've got some good old conditioning work on tap tomorrow. We are going to do the rowing and the workout with a partner. I'll explain exactly how the WOD will go in class. It's just too hard to write it all out and have it make sense. It's not that complicated so don't worry. Also there is handstand walking in the workout tomorrow. If you can't walk on your hands we will work on handstand holds and scale from there. Now, take a look at this handstand tutorial for some help. (This may be the greatest video I have ever posted. Sometimes you strike gold when searching Youtube!)

Workout for Friday, October 18 Row 4x500m 3 min rest between rounds

WOD ? Rounds With a Partner 10m Handstand Walk 20 Partner Jump Overs 20m Overhead Lunge (45/25) 20 Partner Jump Overs Rest 1 minute between rounds

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