Wednesday, October 30

Don't forget, Thursday is Halloween! So wear you costume to the gym and have a chance at winning a great prize! Best costume from each class gets an amazing prize (seriously, amazing). Barbells for Boobs is quickly approaching. Some of you have asked about bringing friends and people new to CrossFit and that is fine. If they want to work out we will have coaches available to help first timers, or if they just want to watch that is great too. We are looking forward to a great event so keep spreading the word!

And finally, thanks for all the birthday wishes. Especially to the 6 am crew who did a special dance number in my honor and put together the unhealthiest weight-gainer package of all time. I'm going to need some help finishing that off.

Workout for Wednesday, October 30 Front Squat 2x3 @ 85% 3x2 @ 90%

WOD 5 Rounds For Time 5 Deadlift (315/225) 5 Muscle Ups

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