Friday, November 1

We're going to be on TV! That's right, tomorrow morning at 8:40 am I'll be on Fox 17 talking about Barbells for Boobs and giving a short clean and jerk demonstration. So if you are able to tune in I'm sure you'll find it a fairly entertaining segment. Also, nice job on the Halloween costumes! We had everything from Rich Froning to the Cowardly Lion. There were a lot of great ones and we will get pictures online soon.

Now here's a video about your feet. We talk to a lot of you about getting the feet placed right while squatting and not letting the arch collapse. This video does a good job of showing what we are talking about and it shows you how your feet should look.

Workout for Friday, November 1 15 Minutes to work up to a heavy power clean

WOD With a partner 100 Thrusters (95/65) 75 Toes to Bar While one partner is working the other partner is rowing. Partners switch every 200 m

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