Wednesday, November 6

We have three teams competing this weekend at the Novembrawl at CrossFit Shift in Lansing. The competition is on Sunday and I know there are a few people that are going to cheer on the teams. If you want to carpool on Sunday, sign up at the gym so we can save some gas and ride together. The competition starts at 9 am and goes until 5 pm. This is a beginners event and is the first competition for all of our team members. I am sure they appreciate all of the support! Sign up soon so we can figure out how many cars we need to take and what time to leave. And if you need some motivation, here's the footage from the CrossFit Invitational - USA vs. The World. It was a team event made up of the top CrossFitters from the 2013 Games.

Workout for Wednesday, November 6 Front Squat 2x2 @ 80% 3x1 @ 85% 1x1 @ 90%

WOD 3 Rounds for time 20 Jumping Lunges 20 Med Ball Cleans 20 Toes to Bar

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