Friday, November 8

I posted a video from CrossFit Games athlete Chris Spealler last night missing a bunch of snatch attempts. Tonight, I'm sharing one of his recent blog posts called Training CrossFit vs. CrossFit as a Sport. I think this might be a good read for a lot of you, especially those headed into the competition this weekend. It's basically about assessing what you want to get out of CrossFit and how you should approach training based on your goals. For most of us, we are training CrossFit to stay healthy, get fit and maybe loose a few pounds. Or, as some people say, we want to look good naked. Most of us know we aren't going to the CrossFit Games. Some of you have different goals, specifically for competing in CrossFit. Chris gives some great advice on how to approach your training whether you want to do some local competitions or try to be a professional CrossFitter. The main thing I take from the article is that all of this training is supposed to be fun. If you aren't enjoying it, try to figure out why. It's hard work, we know that, but when you look back on it there's something that keeps bringing you back. That feeling of doing things you never thought possible or just getting to workout with awesome people every day. Whatever it is, you should be enjoying it.

Here's a quote from the article from his friend Pat Sherwood: “The goal is just to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam. So remember that. RELAX. HAVE FUN. WORKOUT."

Workout for Friday, November 8 Handstand Walk Practice

WOD Partner Relay Row 150 m 7 Push Press (95/65) 7 Front Squat (95/65) Each partner completes 5 Rounds

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