Monday, November 11

What an amazing day on Sunday watching the teams from 616 compete! The effort you guys put forth was awesome and you should all be extremely proud of yourselves. I know all of the coaches are very proud of you and we couldn't be happier with the way you moved and the way you conducted yourselves. Congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing yourselves to new heights. Can't wait to see where you go from here. (Now that we know what you can really do!) Also, the amount of support from our group was truly amazing. I can't say how much it means to me and the competitors to have you there. It makes those tough workouts a lot better when you have that many people cheering for you. I am so happy to be a part of this group. Thank you all for being great!

Workout for Monday, November 11 Back Squat 1x1 @ 80% 1x1 @ 85% 1x1 @ 90% 1x1 @ 95%

WOD 3 Minute AMRAP 10 KB Swings 10 Goblet Squats 10 Hand Release Pushups Rest 1 Minute, Repeat 3 times

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