Thursday, November 14

Great night at West Michigan Barbell. Lots of PRs, big lifts and a ton of fun. If you want to get better at the snatch and clean and jerk you should really attend the weightlifting class with Robert. We don't always have enough time in the CrossFit class to really dig into these lifts and that is why we offer the weightlifting class. Don't be afraid! There's no prerequisite level of strength or experience needed. The only thing that will happen is you will get better and stronger. If you struggle with the snatch or clean and jerk, please consider attending the weightlifting class a few times to work out any problems. Also, sometimes Robert gives away meat! (see below) Here's the update from WM Barbell's Facebook page (which you should all be following!)

Well sports fans, it's that time again. We tested our snatch maxes tonight and had some great results. We saw PRs from Matt, Sarah, AJ, Mitch, and Zach, and Brian was able to equal his PR for the first time in a long time. Sarah also had a PR front squat. Congrats to everyone. Very proud of your efforts and happy for your successes.

Here are the details on our "incentive structure" for this cycle. *If you have been attending the class regularly*, for every pound you PR on either the snatch or clean and jerk (not squats), you will receive $1 toward a gift certificate to the Montello Meat Market at the Downtown Market Grand Rapids. Example: 5 lb. snatch PR + 5 lb. clean and jerk PR = $10 worth of meat. This offer might never appear again, so get after it and have fun!

Congratulations to everyone that PR'd tonight!

Workout for Thursday, November 14 Hand Release Pushups 3 sets max reps

WOD 5 Rounds for time 5 Power Clean (225/155) 15 Burpees 15 Wall Balls

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