Wednesday, November 20

In the gym, day in and day out, ordinary people are doing extraordinary things. Every day we get an opportunity to go in and get better, to do something we’ve never done before. Personally, I am not satisfied with doing something I did last week. This is what CrossFit has become to me and why I am so obsessed with it. After all, there are much worse obsessions than chasing elite fitness and helping others achieve their goals.

This is a quote from Jay Rhodes' CrossFit Journal article It's Not About the Numbers. Rhodes is a CrossFit is one of the top CrossFit competitors in the world, but he knows that CrossFit is about so much more than the big lifts or fast Fran times. It's about the amazing things you do every day. Read the article and take a look at his motivational video below. Just in case you think you'll never get there...

Workout for Wednesday, November 20 Front Squat Find 1 Rep Max

WOD 100 Pullups for time Every time you come off the bar do 20 double unders 10 Minute time cap

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