Monday, December 9

We had the pleasure of visiting Six S Dairy in Sand Lake this Saturday and it was an unbelievable experience. Thank you Jenny and Brent for taking great care of us! We got to see a true American family farm and it was really eye opening for a lot of reasons. One, you realize how much care and time goes into raising these animals and how the people doing it really care about the quality of their product. Another thing is that you really get to see where your food comes from (if you're buying local quality food). I am not sure I can express quite how being on the farm and seeing the future food made me feel. I do know that if I always had the choice, I would only eat food from farms like this. I think Marisa said it best after we left when she told me that this is how things are supposed to be. We should get our food from local people who care about what happens to it and we should support each other in our community.

We are going to work to put together an easy way for us to purchase meats and eggs from Six S and I will let you know as soon as we have a plan. We were able to sample a lot of items on Saturday and I can tell you the food just tastes better; it tastes like it is supposed to.

Please visit their website for more info and let me know if you are interested in ordering something.

Also, I have more information at the gym about why we should eat local food and why getting grass-fed, no hormone, no antibiotic meat is important for our health.

Workout for Monday, December 9 Back Squat 4x10 @ 60%

WOD 8 Minute AMRAP 20 Push Press (65/45) 20 Situps 20 Double Unders

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