Tuesday, December 17

As we approach the end of another year it's time to take a quick look back and figure out where we want to go. We want you to start thinking about what you want to accomplish in the new year. Have you met your goals? Do you need to set some new ones? Are there things holding you back from hitting your goals? Can you address them? Lots of questions. Take some time over the next couple of weeks to assess the state of your health and fitness and then figure out where you want to go from here. And please talk to us about your goals so we can help you get there. Whether it's lifting a certain amount, losing weight or changing your body composition, we can help and we want to, but we can't help you unless you tell us what you want to do.

Workout for Tuesday, December 17 EMOTM 15 Minutes 5 Push Press @ 60%

WOD 5 Rounds 90 Sec. on, 30 Sec. off Row Burpee Box Jumps

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