Friday, December 20

Some of you know that there are some great Russian weightlifters traveling around the US right now doing seminars and this is the first chance we have gotten to peak inside their training and get to know them. In this interview from Hookgrip with Ilya Ilyin (arguably the best lifter in the world, with multiple gold medals and world records) we get to see his plans for the future and learn a little about his training. It's pretty interesting, but the point that hit me was that he started weightlifting when he was six and was seriously training by age eight. Now, at age 25, he is the best. What this says to me is that we all need to relax a little when we find some of the lifts hard. Most of us have been training for less than 5 years, and many of you have been training for less than a year. However, we get no less upset when something doesn't go our way or when things are hard. We have to be realistic with our goals and expectations. Take that frustrating feeling and use it as motivation, but don't let it get you down. Understand that what we are doing is hard (that's why not everyone does it) and keep working to get better. But don't expect to set world records or even do workouts as prescribed right away. Use the tough times as motivation, but realize that it takes years of commitment to master some of these things. Most importantly, enjoy the journey! Workout for Friday, December 20 Squat Clean 3x3 @ 70%

WOD 3 Rounds for time 25 Wall Ball 15 Power Clean (135/95) 5 Bar Muscle Up

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